Captain Joseph Gregg
Capt. Joseph Gregg from Newfield

Civil War

Like many communities during the Civil War, Newfield and the surrounding area contributed in the war effort. Men volunteered or were drafted into the army. Captain Joseph Gregg was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg. A Danby man, Martin Luther Smith, fought for the Confederacy during the war. Choose the links below to learn more about Newfield during the Civil War.


137th infantry Newfield at Gettysburg Civil War Veterans
Martin Smith Capt. Joseph Gregg The Draft

Veterans of the Gregg Post of the G.A.R. Veterans, Post 123, pose for a photo in the Bank Street Cemetery on Decoration Day. The girls in the photo were the flower girls.



Content provided by Gary Emerson

Source: Newfield Historical Society. Information supplied by Robin Andersen and Alan Chaffee.