Teddy Roosevelt's Visit to Newfield

On October 24, 1910 Theodore Roosevelt arrived in Newfield. Five automobiles brought the Roosevelt party to the Newfield Hotel where Teddy gave a speech from the balcony. The photo above shows Roosevelt standing just inside the doorway to the balcony. The Danby and Newfield bands played music and Roosevelt spoke about abandoned farms in the area. The man on the right of the balcony, holding the child, was Berkley Simpson, the Newfield Postmaster.


Below is another photo showing Teddy Roosevelt's visit to Newfield. Roosevelt stands to the left on the balcony. The Newfield Hotel was damaged by a fire in 1926 and it was rebuilt with a smaller balcony.


1. Top photo courtesy of Newfield Historical Society.

2. Bottom photo from "Some Moments of History In Newfield Recalled," Ithaca Journal, September 26, 1970. A copy of this paper is available in the files at the Newfield Historical Society.

3."A Glance Backward," by Barbara Bell. This is an article clipped from the Ithaca Journal, no date given. This article is in the files at the Newfield Historical Society. It tells some of the history of Newfield.

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